Arrival / Depature

  • We ask that upon arrival and depature both you and your child are respectful to any neighbouring apartments and offices.
  • To be respectful of our neighbours we ask that loud conversations do not take place within the building’s corridors and that you wait until you are either outside or within Busy Bees’s premises.
  • We ask that any bikes or scooters are left outside of the building. Please do not block any entrances or parking spaces. Anything left outdoors is at the owner’s risk.
  • We ask that parents buzz and wait outside with their child. We will then come and escort your child into the premises.
  • Upon arrival we ask that children remove their shoes and coats and place them neatly in the provided spaces.
  • Next to the building there is a playground. The children are welcome to use this.
  • We kindly ask that parents do not buzz the buzzer at the end of the session but wait outside so as not to disturb the end of the session. Your child will be escorted out to you.

Pick-up / Absence / Sickness

  • Please inform Busy Bees if your child is going to be collected by anyone other than yourself.
  • Please contact Busy Bees if your child is going to be absent for any reason.
  • In the event that your child becomes ill or is involved in an accident during a session, Busy Bees wil contact the relevant parent(s) and, if necessary, call a doctor or ambulance. Parents are required to have health, accident and liability insurance for their child.

Drop-off / Parking

  • There is ample parking in Waedenswil, the closest being Parkplatz Linde.
  • Busy Bees is situated close to Waedenswil train station.

Behaviour / Routines

  • Please help your child develop good routines. Always try to pack their bag the night before the session. It is important that they learn to become responsible for their own work and have the appropriate books for each session.
  • Children should acknowledge adults and peers with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.
  • Taking turns and sharing will be promoted.
  • It is important that all resources are treated with care and respect. If a resource is lost or damaged please inform Busy Bees.
  • Given that the sessions will only be for 2 hours we ask that your child does not bring a snack. Water will be provided, especially during the summer months.


  • Unless it is urgent to speak to Busy Bees, please send general questions and enquiries via e-mail or text.