Welcome to Busy Bees Maths. A place where children learn core mathmatical skills in a fun and structured learning environment.

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4 – 6 years old (max 6 children per session)

Term 1

In Term 1 the children will be looking at the numbers 1 to 10. Whilst most children are curious about maths and numbers and are able to easily recite their numbers, similar to being able to sing the abc song, they are far from able to manipulate the numbers and know their corresponding values and digits. In the same way children learn the correct letter formation at Busy Bees we teach them how to correctly and confidently form their numbers. Busy Bees has therefore developed a programme to ensure that children get a solid foundation on which they can forever build upon. This is all done with the use of worksheets but more importantly, lots and lots of fun games and manipulates.

15 weeks x CHF60 = CHF900

Term 2

In Term 2 the children will be looking at two digit numbers. Not only will they be expected to be able to name the two digit numbers but they will learn their numbers broken down into tens and units. Furthermore the children will be working on simple sums each week while simultaneously taking home flashcards to learn the number bonds to 10. In order to visualise this learning and make it a hands on experience the children will be encouraged to use both ten frames and Cuisenaire rods during the lessons.

11 weeks x CHF60 = CHF660

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Look out for information on Maths Terms 3 in the coming weeks.