Welcome to Busy Bees Maths. A place where children learn core mathmatical skills in a fun and structured learning environment.

At Busy Bees it breaks our heart to know that many children struggle with maths at school and are often on the look out for tutors from a very young age. As such, we have developed a maths curriculum with a club-like environment that helps children to understand and fall in love with the subject.

Discover our timetable to find out what days and times your child can attend one of our maths classes.

4 – 6 years old (max 6 children per session)

Term 1

In Term 1 the children will discover double digit numbers up to twenty, learning about how numbers are broken down into tens and units/ones. To aid their learning of this concept they will work with ten-frames and cuisenaire rods. Furthermore, the children will delve straight into learning the number bonds to ten in order to recognise the relationships between numbers and visualise the part/whole relationship.

Term 2

Look out for information on Maths for 2024/25 in the coming weeks.