Anne Edmonds

Anne Edmonds is a qualified UK primary school teacher with many years experience spanning an English state school, an all-boys independent school where the main goal was to ensure pupils passed entrance exams to both private and grammar schools and finally, ZIS primary school where she worked as a class teacher.

Anne left ZIS to open Busy Bees in 2005. After many successful years she closed the business to focus on bringing up her two daughters.

Now that her two daughters are grown up, Anne is enjoying her teaching once more. This time, alongside her eldest daughter, Élodie

Élodie Edmonds

Élodie Edmonds has always wanted to be a primary school teacher. She has spent many years working with native and non-native English speaking children alongside her studies.

Élodie is currently studying for a degree in education with the goal of becoming a fully qualified primary school teacher. She has the Goethe C2 German language certificate.

In her spare time you will probably find Élodie doing one of her many hobbies such as horse riding, climbing, skiing or swimming to name but a few.

Einstein (our very own Floppy)

Einstein is a cocker spaniel who is the spitting image of Floppy from the Oxford Reading Tree series of books. Just like Floppy he is lovable, gets into mischief and is always wagging his tail.