Busy Bees is run by Anne Edmonds, a qualified UK primary school teacher who has many years experience spanning an English state school with a class of 30 children; an all-boys independent school where the main goal was to ensure pupils passed entrance exams to both private and grammar schools; and finally ZIS primary school where she worked for many years as a class teacher.

Mrs Edmonds left ZIS and started her own successful business with over 60 children coming to her each week.

She then stopped teaching and moved to the UK for a couple of years before returning to Switzerland where she now enjoys teaching once more from her home in Eschenbach SG.

Élodie Edmonds is currently studying at PHZH.

For the past three years Élodie has been both assisting her mother during Busy Bees lessons as well as working on a one-to-one basis with both native and non-native English speaking children.