Welcome to English Reading and Writing. A place where children learn to read and write in a fun and structured learning environment.

13:30 – 15:30 every Wednesday during term time

4 – 6 years old (max 8 children per session)

One parent/caregiver must speak enough English to support their child outside of the sessions with their reading and spellings.

Term 1

In Term 1 the children will be introduced to the 26 Letterland characters alongside their corresponding sounds and correct letter formations. They will learn how to correctly hold their pencil and will start their reading journey with the forty-five key sight words. By the end of the term they will have read their very first book!

15 weeks x CHF60 = CHF900

Term 2

In Term 2 the children will build on their new found reading skills, enjoying the many Oxford Reading Tree books we have on offer. At the same time they will develop their handwriting style and weekly spelling tests will be introduced. Word families will be a big part of this term’s work.

11 weeks x CHF60 = CHF660

Term 3

In Term 3 the children will be learning to read and organise the days of the week, months of the year and the seasons whilst continuing with small spelling tests each week. They will continue with word families and alphabetical order will be introduced. They will also continue to enjoy their time reading to each other in Busy Bee’s amazing library.

10 weeks x CHF60 = CHF600